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Since 2023

The Verbier Ultra is a magnificent racing weekend administered by the non-profit association ''Les Coureurs UltraSolidaires'', which aims to inspire human beings to surpass themselves and make Verbier and the Val de Bagnes the #1 autumn resort in the world, recognized for its breathtaking trails, its most unique cabins, the warm welcome of its convict community and its local products.


Using sport as a vehicle of awareness towards surpassing oneself and one's community.


Live an ULTRA experience! Offer an UNFORGETABLE weekend for runners, spectators, partners and volunteers. The core value of Verbier Ultra is community, and its vision is to provide an opportunity for all members involved in the success of the event to excel at all levels.



The ultra-trail community ? It's like a big family where muddy switchbacks are memories of miles traveled, watch tans are war trophies, and aid stations are parties in the middle of nowhere. Because at the end of the day, it's not just a race, it's a collective adventure where everyone encourages, supports, and exchanges stories as crazy as the trails they travel.

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