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Verbier Ultra has its origins in the revival of the local race formerly known as the Cha Cha Cha Ultra Trail. A competition run since 2020 by  two enthusiasts determined to propel Verbier onto the trail running scene, this initiative aimed to offer runners a positive goal during the difficult period of the pandemic.

In 2023, these entrepreneurs handed over the reins of the organization to a passionate new trail runner, Fanny Girardin. Driven by an even stronger desire to promote Verbier and the Val de Bagnes as a must-see trail destination in Europe, Fanny gave birth to the Verbier Ultra during a memorable edition.

Following the resounding success of the first edition, which attracted more than 150 participants in 2023, Fanny welcomed a great friend of trail and mountain running, Estel Roig Fortin, in 2024, driven by an even deeper passion for the community. Together, they rethought the concept to infuse a sustainable dimension, in harmony with the local economy and the region's tourism players. Their goal: to contribute not only to the continued success of the event, but above all to offer a sustainable, simple & friendly event, aiming to provide a truly unique experience.

ULTRA experience, an UNFORGETTABLE weekend purely in Val de Bagnes for our trail runners friends.




Community. Exceeding. Awareness.

All this, in one woman! ☝️🌟

Trail enthusiast

Thrives in the community
Committed to reaching her full potential
Aspires to the well-being of people as a school psychologist.
Estel perfectly embodies the fundamental values of Verbier Ultra!

You want to meet her! 🤩


Born in Switzerland 🇨🇭, raised and studied in Canada 🍁, Fanny embraces an overflowing passion for sports performance, well-being, and the exploration of full human potential. A former Snowboard cross athlete 🏂 and holder of a Master's degree in Sports Psychology 🧠, she has been immersed in the world of sport for many years. Today she adopts trail running as a way of life!

110% involved in the world of sport, Fanny is also an ambassador for the 6am Club in Verbier ⏰. Her mission is to inspire its community to adopt a balanced practice of physical activity and to continue to promote running for all. We call her : @fan_de_course

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